We would like to tell you a little about our special brand Bella Sera Dresses and why you should buy your dress with us.

Why Bella Sera?

Because Bella Sera Dresses is one of a kind. Our brand name is a combination of two words in Spanish that hold the promise of eternal beauty. Bella meaning beauty and Sera meaning will be.

The start of a new trend.

For starters Bella Sera was the first to introduce Mexican designs to the United States market, with a vision of offering different options to what already exist. At the same time making it’s mark in Quinceaneras everywhere and changing them forever.

We design all the dresses that Quinceaneras magazine cover girls wear. Bella Sera is the number one brand when it comes to styles. We are selected nationally to dress the Quinceaneras Magazine cover girl. This makes us special and drives us to achieve new trends every collection.

We are a national brand and a local store.

Unlike many local shop that sell products of other manufacturers, we sell our own brand. For this reason each design offers an amazing concept and a one of a kind workmanship. A long with the convenience of shopping online you can be confident your service will be as great as the service in our Las Vegas shop.

The Quality and Design

Our quality is 5 stars. A great number of our dresses are made in Mexico and are legally imported to the United States. All of our dresses are carefully inspected by our design team, managers, and Bella Sera workers, so before it gets to you about half of our staff has made sure you get the best product possible.

Mission and Vision

Bella Sera is an alternative to quality shoppers with a conscious mind. Bella Sera always uses the finest and luxury materials available to create the most innovative designs. We research thousands of new trends and work extremely hard to provide you with the best product possible. Our objective is to provide state-of-the art customer service, quality service and overall satisfaction to keep our clients happy.

Thank you for choosing Bella Sera Dresses We are extremely excited to make your dream dress a reality.

-Walt Disney-